Maxima Heavy Duty Column Lift


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  • Remote control handle with 16' cable
  • Adjustable wheel support for all kinds of wheels
  • Double Safety guaranteed by both hydraulic flow control and mechanical locks
  • SCM technology guarantees synchronization
  • LCD screen shows the exact lifting height and fault warnings
  • Movable column makes your work easy and comfortable
  • CE and ISO9001 Approved
  • Comes with a comprehensive factory warranty at NO extra cost
  • Available in: 12K, 16500, 18500 lb capacity per column
  • Price Shown is for Set of 4) 16500 lb capacity columns=64k total lb capacity, corded.
  • Comes in corded or wireless.
    Maxima HD Mobile Column Lifts

    Maxima HD Mobile Column Lifts

Additional information

Weight 5200 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 47 x 89 in