Rotary SL210 2 Post Inground Smartlift-Self Contained Inground Lift-10K or 12K Capacity

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  • 3 Stage Arms in a 2 Piece, low profile design=18% Greater reach than traditional arms
  • Reach a wider range of vehicle pick-up points with greater vehicle and lift clearance
  • Patented Lower Profile Yoke With Low Drive Over Pad=Greater Drive Thru Clearance
  • Patented Multi-Position Adapter Slider easily slides to a pinpoint location
  • Adapters are interchangeable-choose the adaptors your vehicles need
  • 3 position flip up adapters allow quick positioning on a variety of pick up points.
  • Polymer round adapters screw into position and are ideal for unibody vehicles
  • Thread up Truck Adapters are required for lifting full-frame vehicles
  • Available with Shockwave
  • Available in 10K or 12K LB Capacity
    Rotary Smart Lift

    Rotary Smart Lift